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Mass Texting Service takes pride in being the leading texting service dedicated to nonprofits. In today’s digital age, communication is key, and our SMS marketing service is designed specifically to empower nonprofits to reach their goals and make a lasting impact.

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The Benefits Of An SMS Marketing Service For Nonprofits

In the realm of nonprofit organizations, effective communication is not just about spreading a message; it’s about building connections and fostering meaningful relationships. There are many benefits SMS marketing can provide nonprofit organizations. Below are some of the most common benefits Nonprofits report after signing up for our text marketing service.

Increased Engagement

Reach your audience instantly with text messages, ensuring that your important updates, calls to action, and campaigns are noticed promptly.

Cost-Effective Communication

Save resources with a cost-effective solution that maximizes the impact of your communication efforts. Our service ensures that every penny contributes directly to your cause.

More Consistent Donations

Keep donors engaged by updating them on your latest initiatives, success stories, and upcoming events through personalized and targeted SMS messages. Frequent communication with donors can lead to more consistent donations.

Wider Message Reach

Break down communication barriers and connect with a broader audience. SMS marketing allows you to engage supporters regardless of their location or internet connectivity.

Enhanced Fundraising Opportunities

Leverage the power of text messaging for effective fundraising campaigns. Promptly update donors on urgent needs and make it easy for them to contribute directly via SMS.

Easier Coordination

It isn’t easy to coordinate volunteers and volunteer activities, but it can be easier through text. Two-way texting allows you to send and receive communications to and from volunteers in real-time.

Common Uses For Nonprofit SMS Marketing Software

Text messages can be used to communicate a wide range of information to employees, volunteers, supporters, and board members. Common nonprofit use cases for text marketing include: 

  • Event Reminders: Ensure maximum attendance at your events by sending timely and personalized text reminders to your supporters.
  • Emergency Alerts: Quickly mobilize support during emergencies by sending urgent emergency alert texts for donations or assistance.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Streamline volunteer coordination by sending out information about upcoming volunteer opportunities and schedules.
  • Campaign Updates: Keep your audience informed about the progress of your campaigns, showcasing the real impact of their contributions.

How To Start Sending Nonprofit Marketing Texts With Mass Texting Service

You can start sending mass text messages for your nonprofit using text marketing software like Mass Texting Service. Getting started with Mass Texting Service is easy. Once you sign up for an account, you can start creating a contact list for all of the contacts you want to send texts to. We have an import template you can use to format your contacts. 

When your contact list is complete, you can upload your contacts into your account on the contacts tab. You can then start to craft out your first text message. You can add media files like images or video, or personalize your message with your contact’s name.

When your text is ready to send, you’ll have the option to send it now or schedule it for later. Scheduling allows you to work in advance. If any contacts reply to the text you send, you’ll be able to respond directly in the app via the messages tab.

Nonprofit Text Message Templates

Not sure what to send in your texts? We’ve created templates you can use for various occasions. Simply copy and paste the template and update the message with your details.

Supporter Engagement Text Template

[First Name], your input matters to us. Share your thoughts on our latest initiative here: [link]

Fundraising Campaign Text Template

[First Name], we can’t reach our goal without you! Click the link to donate: [link]

Event Announcement Text Template

Special Event: Help us make a difference at [Event Name] On [Date] at [Time].

Volunteer Recruitment Text Template

Calling all volunteers! We need help at [Nonprofit Name]. View & sign up for available opportunities at [link]

Emergency Alert Text Template

Alert: [Event Name] has been postponed due to weather. Please stay safe.

Holiday Text Template

Happy [Holiday Name] from [Nonprofit Name]! Thank you so much for your continued support.

Why Choose Mass Texting Service For Your Nonprofit Organization?

Mass Texting Service has grown to become one of the leading nonprofit SMS marketing service providers. We’ve created a simple user-interface anyone can use without needing to be tech-savy. You can set up your account and start sending texts within 30 minutes. 

Mass Texting Service isn’t just easy to use, it’s also affordable. We offer some of the lowest monthly pricing plans available on the market with plans starting at just $12/month. We save you money by eliminating contact charges with unlimited contacts for every plan.

Nonprofit SMS Marketing FAQs

Nonprofits can maximize the impact of their SMS marketing efforts by targeting specific audiences. Here are key groups to consider:

  1. Donors: Keep your donors engaged with updates on how their contributions are making a difference.
  2. Volunteers: Coordinate volunteer efforts by sending information about upcoming opportunities, schedules, and any necessary details.
  3. Event Attendees: Reach out to individuals who have attended your events, providing post-event updates, gratitude, and details about future gatherings.
  4. Subscribers and Supporters: Cultivate a dedicated community by keeping subscribers and general supporters informed about your organization’s activities, achievements, and campaigns.
  5. Emergency Response Contacts: Establish a communication channel for individuals who have expressed interest in supporting your organization during emergencies or urgent situations.

There’s a reason why some of the largest nonprofit organizations engage in SMS marketing. If it didn’t work, organizations like Feeding America, Goodwill, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital wouldn’t be engaging in text marketing. Texts have a higher average open rate and click-through rate than emails. They’re a great communication channel for spreading your message and inspiring action.

Yes, sending mass text messages is completely legal as long as you’re only texting contacts that have consented to receive text messages and you’re providing contacts with a clear and easy way to opt-out of future messages.

Create Your Free Mass Texting Service Account

You can get started with Mass Texting Service for free! We offer a free 14-day trial where you can get acquainted with the software, send up to 50 free texts, and explore all of the Mass Texting Service’s features. Ready to start sending marketing texts for your nonprofit? Sign up for Mass Texting Service today!