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Send text reminders for appointments, alert customers on new sales or deals, ask for reviews, and more with our easy-to-use business SMS marketing app. Mass Texting Service is one of the fastest-growing business texting apps. We help businesses navigate text marketing through our intuitive user interface and caring support team. 

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You're Tossing Away Potential Revenue Reviews Growth If You're Not Texting

Email marketing may still be the workhorse of digital advertising, but you’re missing out on earning more potential revenue if you’re not sending marketing SMS & MMS texts. Your customers have smartphones and many of them want to hear from you via text. 

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Average Open Rate

Marketing text messages have an average open rate of 98%, which is significantly higher than the 20% average open rate for marketing emails.

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Prefer Text Updates

Surveys have revealed that 41% of consumers prefer receiving brand updates via text. Only 22% of consumers prefer email.

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Are Ready To Take Action

Consumers appreciate brands that send texts. Surveys show that 45% of consumers would select a brand or product after receiving an SMS.

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Average Click-Through Rate

Marketing texts have an average click-through rate of 6.1%. Conversely, marketing emails have an average click-through rate of only 2.6%. 

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Smartphone Owners

There are an estimated 6.65 billion smartphone owners across the globe. Chances are your target customers have smartphones.

Average Daily Device Checks

Consumers are glued to their phones. The average consumer checks their phone 96 times a day (once every 10 minutes).

Ways Your Business Could Use Text Message Marketing


Alert your customers to new promotions and discounts to drive more sales with text blasts. Easily schedule texts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and more.


Nurture interested leads and convert them into paying customers by enrolling them in a text flow. Send leads a series of automated texts over time.


Use text message marketing to let existing customers know about the release of new products or services.


Has your event moved to a new location? Is class canceled? Send important urgent updates immediately with alert texts.


Texts should be conversational. Have one-on-one conversations (via two-way SMS) with your contacts to provide support or assistance.


Decrease your no-show rate by reminding customers and leads about their upcoming scheduled appointments via text reminders.

Mass Texting Service Features


Monitor text credit use & easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.


Send texts to specific contacts or entire groups.


Easily compose text messages to send with no limit on length.


Send texts immediately or schedule them for later


Add contacts and create groups to send mass texts


Send texts with a dedicated number so contacts know what number to send replies to


As the name implies, Mass Texting Service was built from the ground up to allow you to send texts to the masses. Send thousands of bulk texts to contacts.


Texting was developed to facilitate conversation. A texting app would be incomplete without support for two-way messaging. You’ll be able to receive texts from contacts and respond accordingly.


You can send urgent texts immediately or schedule texts for later. Write your texts in your free time and schedule them for days and times that will increase open rate.

MMS Messaging

Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) allow you to send images with text. Add images to texts to capture the attention of your text marketing subscribers.

Recurring Texts

Need to send recurring text reminders? Our app allows you to do so at any interval you choose. Send recurring texts daily, weekly, monthly, or at a different custom interval.

Dedicated Number

Dedicated numbers eliminate customer confusion by providing customers with one number they can text or call to reach you. Every account receives a dedicated private number.

Segment Contacts

Our app supports the creation of an unlimited number of groups. Segment your contacts into several different groups to send out unique texts for each segment of your contact list.

Unlimited Contacts

Grow your text marketing list with an unlimited number of contacts. Import individual contacts or bulk import contacts via a CSV file from other lists you already have.

Subscribe Forms

Allow customers and leads to easily subscribe to receive text updates with subscribe forms. Create forms for specific groups and embed them on your website.

Third-Party Integrations

Mass Texting Service supports integrations with several third-party apps to streamline and automate your work. Connect our app with Zapier, Google Calendar, HubSpot, & more.

Explore Mass Texting Service With Our Team

Contact our team with any questions you may have and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Business SMS FAQs

You’re likely already familiar with email marketing. Text marketing is like email marketing, except you use text messaging to deliver your marketing messages instead of email. Some companies will use in-house staff to send text marketing messages. Other companies will work with marketing or advertising agencies to run text marketing campaigns. We have digital agency partners we can refer you to if you’d like to start running text marketing campaigns with help.

Mass texting is an SMS service that allows you to send texts to thousands of contacts at the same time. Mass texting saves businesses time and money by allowing them to broadcast messages to the masses with ease.

The modern world keeps us all on the go. We understand the need to be able to work on your marketing from anywhere. The Mass Texting Service app is completely responsive and can be used across all of your devices. This means you can use our app on your phone to send and schedule texts from your phone.

Yes, mass texting and text marketing is perfectly legal as long as you’re only texting individuals who have consented to receive texts. Anyone you add to your text marketing list should have a clear idea of what they’re consenting to receive and who they’ll be receiving texts from.

Group texting is a feature available on all smartphones. You can use group texting to send a text to three or more people. Group texts are limited to a max of 10-30 people. The limit varies from phone to phone. Group texts also raise privacy concerns, because everyone in the group can see all of the phone numbers in the group and any responses. 

Mass texting allows you to send texts to several recipients at the same time, but your text is sent individually to each recipient, so any responses or conversations are private between you and any given recipient. Mass texting also isn’t limited to just 30 people. You can send mass texts to an unlimited number of people.

With group texts your limited to text no more than 10 to 30 people at a time. What you need to send 1,000 texts or more at once is a service like Mass Texting Service. We enable you to easily send 1,000 texts or more with the click of a button.

The Mass Texting Service app is capable of sending an unlimited number of texts. However, there are limits to how many texts you can send based on the subscription plan you choose. We make it easy to upgrade plans in the app, so you can always upgrade to send more texts if you’ve hit your limit.

Our Mass Texting Service is entirely separate from your phone service provider. We take out a new number for you to use with our service that all of your texts are sent from. This means that sending texts from Mass Texting Service doesn’t impact your phone bill in any way.

Absolutely! While many of our subscribers are businesses, we do have subscribers that use Mass Texting Service for personal use. Our lowest subscription tier would be great for personal use to send personal reminders, motivational texts, or updates for your own group events.

Who Could Benefit From Using Mass Texting Service?

E-Commerce Businesses

Restaurants & Bars


Personal Trainers

Weight Loss Clinics


Hair Salons

Doctor’s Offices

Dentist Offices




Landscaping Companies


Home Improvement Companies




Event Planners

Car Dealerships


Coffee Shops

Tattoo Shops


Flower Shops


Nonprofit Organizations



Retail Businesses

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